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Our loan programs are competitively priced with loan amounts up to $50 Million.

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Commercial Mortgage Financing Programs

Apartment Loans

Planning to purchase a apartment building, a condominium or any multifamily residential complex? In most cases, we can get a multifamily loan approved for you for 85% of the total value of the property. Our goal is to make the process of getting your multifamily loan quicker and easier than ever.

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Commercial Loans

We offer loans for income producing commercial real estate properties across the country. Commercial loans are available for both owner-occupied and investor properties, including office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse, or apartment complex. Up to 90% commercial financing.

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Business Real Estate Loans

Our team is committed to providing business Real Estate loans for commercial construction, property purchase, refinancing combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates. We have years of experience working with owners and investors and let us help you customize a loan option that fits your business.

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Hard Money Loans

If you are tight on schedule and looking for a quick loan process with minimum paperwork. Hard money loans are the way to go (almost same as you are purchasing with cash). They have relatively high interest rates and costly fees compared to conventional loans.

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Bridge Loans

Short term mortgage financing that is in place between the termination of one loan and the beginning of another loan. Also, a form of interim loan, generally made between a short term loan and a permanent (long term) loan, when the borrower needs to have more time before taking the long term financing.

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Construction Financing

A construction loan is a loan that help the borrower to build, expand, rehabilitate, or reposition a property. In most cases loans to finance a real estate development project fall under two broad categories, although sometimes these two loans will also be combined into one.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

"When three different banks rejected my SBA loan request for $2.4 million I thought my dream owning my office building was over. Then Dean Hunter and Urban Commercial Finance got involved. I was able to purchase my office building with just 10 percent down in 60 days."

Washington, DC Attorney

"I could not get a bank to approve the acquisition of a 30 unit apartment building because it was located in Baltimore. I was already working to assign the sales contract when I found Dean Hunter, and the Urban Commercial Finance. They approved my loan based on the revenue generated from the property with a better interest rate than the banks quoted."

Baltimore Multifamily Investor.

Trusted & Reliable Mortgage Services

As one of the premiere mortgage service provider in United States, We offer real estate financing for all kind of investment properties, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, mixed use property, and more. Our unique approach allows us to close quickly and securely on real estate investments, even when conventional lenders turn you away.

Our flexible, creative and professional team has years of experience in the alternative mortgage industry. Our services cater to individual borrowers seeking a loan, as well as private investors interested in investing in secured deeds of trust.

We secure funding for:

  • Loans from $100,000 to 50,000,000 with terms from 6 months to 30 years.
  • Single family, multifamily, commercial, land and new construction.
  • Loans typically up to 65-70% of the purchase price or appraised value.
  • Higher LTV, ARV-based and participation loan options available.

Why Us

Our exceptional reputation as a commercial loan brokers has been built on our capability to provide quick and affordable financing solutions for borrowers. Having the experience of years in commercial loans, we are able to process your loan application quickly.

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